This week

This week he's amazed by Obama's use of data for marketing.

Just read this article about how Obama's team of data scientists distributed their ads on Facebook through the pro-Obama friends of swing voters.

This week he's finding it hard to forget about dinner at Blanca.

This week he's excited for his new bike to arrive.

This week he's gearing up for The TEAMspys, the Greatest Night of Your Life

Since it's inception five years ago, I've co-hosted and planned a very special event called The TEAMspys. It's like The Oscars for staff. People nominate their peers by submitting examples of how that person's embodied our values - fun, freedom, teamwork, kid focus, improvement, and impact - and winners take home hefty bonuses and more pride that you'd ever imagine.

This week he's making up for the most blissful weekend in Jamaica.

Being on a beach is great. Being on a beach for more than an hour becomes stressful because I get restless. Or so I thought. This trip showed me the ideal of retirement: Eating lunch on my porch overlooking the ocean. Thanks to the incredible family who put this together.

This week he's pitching a new brand identity.

This week he's celebrating his grandma's 100th.

This week he's mapping staff retention data.

Pulling every number we can on why people stay with or leave a job helps us see trends and keep folks for longer.

This week he's dusting off his old video equipment.

I create little videos like these for our annual fundraiser.

This week he's enjoying being an uncle for the first time.

The best part of being an uncle is getting daily updates like this.

This week he's creating a dynamic map that displays where our candidates and hires come from.

Yeah, I learned a lot making this.

This week he's listening to manager-tools. Lots of them.

Manager tools is the best professional development on the internet. And it's free. If you don't know where to start, try this one or this one.