It's the thought that counts

TEAM's greatest challenge is hiring teachers and the role of the website is to support that. When you picture a school's home page you might expect a calendar of student events and less of a focus on new audiences but what drove decisions on this project wasn't copying competitor sites, it was measuring user behavior and web analytics to inform ways in which we could support hiring goals.

Role: UX and website design, user testing

Date: September 2012

Drop down menus

Drop downs allow users to preview content and decrease how often they have to hit the back button.

Paradox of choice

Paradox of choice just means the more choices you give someone, the more likely they'll get bogged down in the decision and end up making no choice at all. The number of pages was cut down to five from eight.

Relevant content

Google analytics showed that two main audiences dominated the traffic on the site so any info not meeting those audience goals were hidden.

Details say a lot

Attention to detail says that we care and don't cut corners but is done so in a tasteful way that doesn't distract the user with unnecessary eye-candy.

More info without more clutter

Hover over key facts to reveal more info, without adding more clutter.

Above the fold

Titles for updates and announcements are shown above the fold. Users don't have to scroll to see refreshing content.