Thomas de Simon

Marketing analyst. Occasional designer. Biography reader. Home mixologist. Data nerd. Brooklyn resident. Conscientious character. This week he's amazed by Obama's use of data for marketing.


Most of my job involves visualizing data (not pictured below) to help make excellent hiring decisions - it's marketing with a focus on recruitment - which all started in UI and UX design. Though I'm doing fewer design projects, I, like everyone else, use design in my everyday work - every email written, presentation prepared, or dashboard created is a chance to communicate an idea and good design strengthens the adoption of that idea. Understanding the universal principles of design is a tool that makes every day at work flow that much smoother.

Recent adventures

Thanks to instagram, I have these visual reminders of some of my favorite places and adventures: Newport, Rhode Island; The Whythe, Williamsburg; Portland, Oregon; Biking and wine tour through Beaune, France; Beaune, France; Matthew Dear at PS1 Warm-Up; Montauk; some trains; the ballet.

Recent reads

I've never come across a challenge that someone else hasn't mastered and find reading - particularly biographies - to be the best mentor for making better decisions.

Favorite spots

Sure, New York is expensive, but we get what we pay for. If you have no idea what to do, you can always count on a good food or drinking adventure.

Sites I visit most often

Some inpsiring places around the web that keep me coming back on a regular basis.